NEW! Karin Deco Gel 1.0 Line

The NEW Karin Deco Gel 1.0 line is a collection of 50 gel pens, divided into three color series: MilkyWay, Metallic and StarSparks. Available in color series sets, all 50 individual gel pen colors, and refills. The pigment-rich, dense water-based inks in DECO GEL 1.0 pens are bleed-resistant, water-resistant (on paper), and lightfast. They work great on light and dark paper surfaces. Deco Gel 1.0 gel pens write on surfaces such as glass, foil, metal, stone and more, providing unlimited creative possibilities.

  • MilkyWay Series

    The Deco Gel 1.0 MilkyWay series features 10 gel pens of lightfast pastel inks with intense color and fluorescent effect.

  • Metallic Series

    The Deco Gel 1.0 Metallic color series: 20 pens containing lightfast, metallic inks.

  • StarSparks Series

    The Deco Gel 1.0 StarSparks color series: 20 pens containing lightfast ink with an intense glitter effect.

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Deco Gel 1.0 Sets

The functional book-style storage keeps your Deco Gel pens in their recommended position. Whether lying flat or standing up, pens lay horizontally. The convenient magnetic lock ensures everything stays in its place.