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Karin Pigment DécoBrush MASTER 84pc Set

Karin Pigment DécoBrush MASTER 84pc Set

Karin Pigment DécoBrush markers contain 2.4 ml of opaque acrylic, non-toxic organic pigment-based paint. The brush tip requires zero pumping for paint flow, just shake to create! The opaque acrylic paint is beautiful and bright on various colors of paper, plus card stock, glass, most plastics, wood, stone, canvas, and more. Easily blend color-to-color with tonal transitions. Lightfast and permanent.

Master Set includes all available Pigment 12pc sets: Basic colors, Passion colors, Violet blue colors, Nature colors, Nude colors, Grey colors, Pastel colors. Contains all 84 colors.

Basic Colors 12pc Set: White, Canary, Bright orange, Red, Henna, Pink, True blue, Aubergine, Grass, Green, Turquoise, Black.

Pastel Colors 12pc Set: Pastel yellow, Pastel pumpkin, Pastel orange, Pastel light green, Pastel green, Pastel blue, Pastel pink, Pastel red lilac, Pastel magenta red, Pastel red, Pastel violet blue, Pastel violet.

Passion Colors 12pc Set: Sulphur yellow, Orange, Poppy, Red lilac, Pale violet, Rose pink, Antique pink, Cerise, Fire red, Magenta red, Lipstick red, Burgundy.

Violet Blue Colors 12pc Set: Cool aqua, Duck egg, Aegean, Light azure, Azure, Egyptian blue , Royal blue, Indigo blue, Sapphire blue, Plum, Violet blue, Lilac.

Grey Colors 12pc Set: Neutral grey 1, Neutral grey 2, Neutral grey 3, Warm grey 1, Warm grey 2, Warm grey 3, Cool grey 1, Cool grey 2, Cool grey 3, Curry , Olive Green, Olive Black.

Nature Colors 12pc Set: Lime green, Apple, Leaf green, Ocean teal, Lush green, Gold, Peach, Amber, Mango, Cinnamon, Copper brown, Cocoa.

Nude Colors 12pc Set: Soft peach 1, Soft peach 2, Pale pink, Salmon pink, Almond, Blush, Pale orange, Rose wood, Ochre, Praline, Sandstone, Sepia.

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